Monday, November 8, 2010

Review: Tracking the Tempest

368 Pages
Published in 2010
By Nicole Peeler

"Engulfed in fire, we barely kept it at bay with our shields. We were as yet unharmed, but fire and snapping energy were everywhere. Only then did my dazzled brain put together what had just happened.

I may have fled Boston for my own safety, but all I'd accomplished was bringing danger directly to Rockabill and the people I loved." (p.98)


The second installment in the Jane True series opens four months after Jane's last adventure. Jane is balancing her routine schedule with her new supernatural life, which includes magic training with the gnome, Nell.

Just as Janes grasps the basic concepts of building protective shields and creating mage lights, she becomes swept up in a new adventure that will truly test her inner and magical strength.

We also see the continuation of the love story between Jane and Ryu, the sexy investigator baobhan sith. Their relationship intensifies and Jane is forced to confront her feelings for Ryu, especially difficult when Anyan, the barghest, resurfaces.


This installment functions as just that, an installment in a series. I suppose that since this series will be extending for six books in total - that it will take some time before all of our (and Jane's) questions are answered. For instance, we still do not encounter her mom, (which I am sure will occur at some point since the author has Ryu mention that it is usually the female supernatural that takes care of halfing children), nor do we really understand the reason behind the attacks on halflings from Jimmu, and we still do not know the underlying reason for Ryu and Anyan's animosity.

That said, I did enjoy this book and will be looking forward to reading the next. We are still treated to a hilarious and witty character who is brought to life by her love for cooking, her dedication to her small town and friends, and her care for her dad. 

The readers also see more of Ryu and Jane's relationship - and that it is not all about lust. Their relationship also faces realistic challenges and Ryu's character is developed further . Lastly, the attraction between Anyan and Jane are more evident, providing us with a hint of what may come.

Of course there were some things that were not so great. For one, Jane didn't seem as funny as she was in book one. Also, Ryu is shown to develop real feelings for Jane, who surprisingly is very suspicious about his motives. We see Jane struggle to remain independent, but we aren't sure at what point that had become an issue, and whether it really is one. Lastly, the entire plot just seemed to be an effort to continue the story rather than enrich it.

However, since I really do like Jane's character, I would recommend you read this book if you plan on following the series.

♥ ♥ .5 = liked it