Sunday, January 9, 2011

Review Hunted By The Others


 336 pages
published 2010
by Jess Haines


Shiarra Waynest is a private detective living in a world where Supernaturals came out of the closet after September 11th. She is trying her hardest to stay away from the Others but money problems force her to take a job working for a powerful Mage. Things go downhill for Shiarra from here. As she gets more involved with the Others she is forced to rethink her opinions on the supernatural creatures in her world and challenge herself like never before in order to protect herself and those that she loves.


As the first book in a series, Hunted by the Others, lays out the story giving us a few glimpses into what we can look forward to as the series progresses. The author spends a lot of time giving us a detailed description of a world in which the Others are known by everyone and have laws in place to protect them. Our heroine is not your typical kick ass type of girl she is more of an average type of girl who is actually afraid of the supernaturals in her world, smart girl, but Shiarra still manages to take care of herself. Her weaknesses and vulnerabilities make her more relatable and believable. The name Shiarra is very unique and I am still unsure of how to pronounce it, luckily for me the nickname Shia is often used. There was not a lot of character development but that is to be expected with the first book in a series I suppose. Shia’s reaction to the Others was a bit surprising. She thinks of them as scary, which is understandable but she also finds them to be a bit repulsive, which I wasn’t crazy about She does end up coming around a bit as the book progresses. There is pretty much no romance in the first book although the author does hint at possible connections in the future. The two possible guys are Alec Royce, a vampire, and Chaz a werewolf ex-boyfriend. I personally liked Alec more then Chaz but am looking forward to more character development for both in the next book. I like tension between the main characters but I didn’t feel much in this book, but I am willing to read the next book to see if it improves.

So should you read it?

If you are looking for a new Urban fiction series I say give it a shot.

♥ ♥ .5 = liked it