Monday, August 8, 2011

Review: Original Sin

398 Pages
Published in 2011
By: Lisa Desrochers

"I'm feeling just short of terrified, but as I melt into her, the fire spreading under my skin settles into a warm glow. I deepen our kiss, needing to feel closer, wanting this-my first kiss with my first girlfriend-to last forever."  p.214

 "This time, the force of His power is unbearable - unfiltered Hellfire ripping through my body and destroying everything in its path. The last thing I hear before everything fades into agonizing black is my own scream." p. 285


Luc adjusts to his new human form while dealing with demons who have been sent to retrieve him back to Hell. When the demons on his tail discover that he has become mortal, and to boot is tagged for Heaven, they stick around to find out how he did it.

Gabe can no longer resist Frannie and so leaves her protection in charge of her twin brother Matt. But Matt is not as experienced with being a guardian, and finds himself grappling with emotions of lust, guilt, and maybe even love for Luc's new neighbor, Lilli.

Things are going well for Frannie and Luc and Frannie tries to develop her Sway. But just when she begins to settle into a summer routine things go drastically wrong - her friend Taylor is caught up with a demon, Matt is not around to protect her, she struggles to master her Sway, and ...worst of all...she discovers that she may not be able to trust Luc after all.


The one thing that I can say is that this is no filler book. Often what you see with the second book in a series is that the author simply expands on a weak storyline, maybe introduces a new character, makes one revelation, but inspires tons of more questions.

Original Sin is not like that. Fans of Personal Demons are treated to another thrilling roller coaster ride with plot twists and new adventures. She also develops all of the characters to further reveal their fears and dreams.

Unfortunately the characters lose their individuality. What I LOVED about Personal Demons was that all of the characters came across so strongly. With Original Sin at times I even forgot from whose view I was reading.

Luc also becomes a boring, emotional fellow and Frannie vacillates between worry about Taylor, worrying about her Sway or hooking up with either Luc or Gabe. And then there's Matt. A sort of blank character who helps to move plot along because of his involvement with Lilli.

Yeah, I'll read the third book to see what happens. But I'm not as excited.

Bottom Line: I like how different the concepts are in this book. I hope the author picks up in book three where she left off in book one. And just as a side note, the events in this book become much more mature in terms of violence and sex. Not for tweenies.

♥ ♥ .5 = liked it