Friday, April 20, 2012

Review: Immortal City

Review for Immortal City

By: Scott Speer

(Kindle) Location 746 "It was one of those moments in life, Maddy thought, one of those moments where you had to choose between what you knew was right and your friend." 

Angel City is an alternate universe where instead of the media and general populace worshiping celebrities and keeping up with their day to day activities - the world instead worships Angels. At some point after WWII, Angels decided to come out of the closet so to speak and turned the business of saving lives into just that - a business where only those who can afford to pay for protection benefit. 

Maddy is a "poor" girl with a close group of friends who doesn't care about the Angels. She spends her time focusing on college apps and the scholarships she needs to attend. However, that all changes when Maddy captures the attention of THE hottest Angel and she likewise feels a irresistible attraction to him. 


This review is going to come off a little...biting...but I just can't help it. 

It's very easy to write a novel where you simply take everything from the real world and instead of the word "celebrity" you simply insert "Angel." Granted the author did try to put some flesh to Angel history by having had them reveal themselves around 60 years ago, but simply put - I was not impressed by this so called alternate universe that was really in fact too similar to reality. 

And I just have to say... I could not get over that the author felt that if someone shops at Target - it means they are poor! Oh poor Maddy - she can only afford Target! What? Hello, Michelle Obama shops there...and honestly the $100 I end up spending there goes way further at say Walmart for example. Maybe this wouldn't have bothered me if he hadn't mentioned it like 5x...

Lastly, what is this book about? Love? A message about society? It's difficult to tell because there isn't a clear cut focus. The result is that I didn't feel a real connection between Maddy and Jackson and I didn't really care to find out more about the Angels. 

Then as usual I looked up the author to see if he had a website - and lo and behold what did I find out? He is the ex-boyfriend of a celebrity. Scott Speer So not only does this now sound like he has a bone to pick with the very world in which he exists!!!! but now I was able to understand why he thought Target was such a low grade store! 

Bottom Line: While the premise is very clever and original - that's about all that's interesting about this novel. I also can't help but think author uses himself as a canvas for his main male character's supposed good looks!

Rating:    = eh, not so good