Sunday, October 31, 2010

Review: Firelight

336 Pages
Published in 2010
By Sophie Jordan

"My flesh tightens, ripples with heat. The bridge of my nose pushes out, ridges rising My lungs start to burn and smolder, chest vibrating. My draki at last. I suppose I should take comfort in this. Joy that I can feel myself responding. That I'm not completely dead inside."(p.118)

"Horror strikes me full force. Cripples me motionless. My gaze flies, taking it all in with dizzying speed. Draki skin stares back at me...everywhere."(p.143)


Jacinda is a draki, a race that is descended from dragons, capable of disguising themselves as human. She has been raised in a hidden community of draki, protected by magical fog. But Jacinda is special. For generations all of the draki have manifested powers - except fire breathing.

Jacinda's power gains her an elevated status in her community, but simultaneously isolates her from her mother and twin sister, Tamra. When Jacinda and her friend, Azure are seen and almost caught by draki hunters, the community wants to prevent Jacinda from ever leaving again.

Jacinda's mom plots their escape to human society, not only to save her daughter but to also destory her draki heritage.

The longer Jacinda spends time away from her community and share in their nightly flights, the more her power fades. That is - until she meets Will.

But Will is not a typical high school boy. In fact, he in the hunter who saved her life.

Jacinda must battle against her developing feelings for Will, her desire to retain her powers, and the draki that search for her.


I loved the original concept of this book. The draki are their own race within the paranormal community. They have various powers that are very intriguing and I thought it interesting that the ability to breathe fire was rare.

The characters are well developed. We get a strong sense of who Jacinda's parents, sister, and draki friends are, in addition to those she meets when in human company.

However, I think the author need to expand on the origin and history of the draki a bit more. We are just given a vague premise for their origin and their powers are not fully explored.

Personally, I also thought it was a bit depressing how Jacinda's relationship with her sister and mother have been irrevocably damaged ever since she manifested the power to breathe fire.

♥ ♥ = not too bad, not too great