Thursday, October 28, 2010

Review: Laney

285 Pages
Published in 2010
By Joann I. Martin Sowles

"Promise?" I whispered, resting my head back against his chest.
"No?" My head snapped up; I was surprised and a bit offended.
"Promises are for those who can't keep them," he said, quickly kissing me on the lips. (p.210)

"[Oliver] started the car and we were speeding away with dirt spinning up everywhere, but not fast enough. Something hit the back of the car and several startled screams echoed from inside the car. One of them was mine. That vampire was on the car." (p.222)

""His arms wrapped around my waist from behind and he kissed my neck again, closer to the wound this time. My pulse accelerated. I wanted him to bite me; I wanted to be his." (p.276)


Laney is a college student filling her schedule with random classes trying to figure out what she wants in life. She spent most of her life being overprotected by her grandmother and now wants to experience life on her own, along with her roommate Kiera.
From the moment Laney first sees Oliver and his gorgeous smile her life begins to change. She feels an indescribable pull towards him and he seems to feel the same.
Soon Laney and Oliver are spending every moment together, allowing Laney to finally experience love.
However, as Laney begins to fall for Oliver she realizes that he is anything but your typical college boy. Brookehaven Vampires is about Laney's discovery and entry into a world she never imagined.


Regardless of whether you prefer your paranormal novels to be about undying love, action packed adventures, or unique characters you will enjoy reading Laney because this novel has it all.

We really appreciated that the character was old enough to truly understand the meaning of love. We also liked that she lived on her own and thus there is not a glaring absence of a parental figure. Lastly, it was refreshing to meet a spicy, hot vamp who isn't hundreds of years old! Laney and Oliver's love story also realllllly heats up the page! :-P

The plot reads like a movie in that it is filled with vivid fight scenes and a constant thread of suspense about what is really going on and what is going to happen. We are also left with a cliffhanger at the end that expertly surprises the reader and makes us want more. (I even had turned the page without realizing that was the end! -Jas) 

Like all novels, there were some aspects that we did not like. For example, the characters' language does not employ a sufficient use of slang, and at times the love between Oliver and Laney does get a bit dramatic.

But overall, we did enjoy reading this novel and we sincerely thank the author for giving us a chance to review her first writing venture!