Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Review: Beautiful Creatures

592 Pages
Published in 2010
By Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl

" For the first time since I met Lena, I looked at everyone around me and felt a pang of, I don't know, something. What was it? Jealousy? Their lives were so simple, so easy. Their problems were Mortal-sized, tiny. The way mine used to be." (p.455)


Ethan Wate is desperate to escape the small town he calls home. He fits in easily with the popular kids in high school, but at home his life is different. He has recently lost his mother to a car accident which forced his father to hide away in his study, and his only support comes from Amma, a superstitious woman who has taken care of the Wate home for generations.

Things change drastically when Ethan meets the girl of his dreams - literally. For months he has been dreaming of a mysterious girl that he is always trying to save. Ethan pursues a friendship with Lena that later develops into newfound love.

However, his relationship with Lena has to overcome more than just isolation and mockery from his friends. In fact, it becomes a matter of life and death, of good and evil...because not...human.


This is a beautifully written story. The authors take their time to build the world their characters live in and to develop each character so that they become three dimensional.

Like the South's hold onto the past, history plays a vital role in all aspects of the characters' lives. The authors provide a rich backdrop for the original concept they have created - meaning this isn't a typical love story between a human and a fairy/werewolf/vampire.

At times it can get a bit bogged down, but in the end the clever storytelling is what allows the reader to truly FEEL the desperation of Ethan and Lena's situation.

I am not sure they needed to make this into a series, as a few more chapters might've answered some questions and wrapped things up nicely, but otherwise I did enjoy this novel.

♥ ♥ .5 = liked it