Thursday, November 18, 2010

Review Need

336 pages
Published 2009
Carrie Jones

"Pain shoots through my head. Fireworks. Explosions. All inside my brain. The white world goes dark and I know what's about to happen. I'm the one leaving. I am the one gone" pg 238


Suffering from the loss of her stepfather, Zara White, moves to Maine to live with her grandmother. While Zara begins to come out of her depression and live her life again she begins to notice that all is not right in her small town. A man keeps showing up as if he is stalking her and leaving behind a trail of gold dust. If that wasn’t bad enough two boys have disappeared from the town. As Zara realizes that there are more than humans in her new town she will have to prepare herself for a battle to save herself and her loved ones.



I really enjoyed this book; the writing style immediately draws the reader in. Zara and her obsession with phobias was definitely unique, each chapter starts with a new phobia and definition. I read this book awhile ago but since Entice is coming out in December I thought it would be fun to re-read the series to date.

As Zara starts her new school she begins to make new friends and meets the charming Nick. He is an alpha male who is determined to protect Zara, but unfortunately for him our heroine isn’t one to sit around waiting to be rescued. Zara is definitely proactive we begin to see her come into her own in Need. She is grieving the loss of her stepfather and the life she had. You can feel her struggle to overcome her grief throughout the book and can’t help but root for her. The romance between Nick and Zara is sweet and never seems forced. Zara’s friends and grandmother provide the comic relief adding light parts to this dark tale.

So should you read it?

YES! Ms. Jones creates a world where pixies are quite nasty and dangerous and shapeshifters serve as protectors. There are quite a few twists and turns in the story that will keep the reader guessing. Need is a juicy paranormal tale with a lot of action with the beginnings of a sweet romance. The series continues to get better as it goes on

♥ ♥ ♥ = really liked it

P.S. If you haven’t read this book Amazon has it for $4 as of today.


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