Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Review: Demon Trapper

368 Pages
Published in 2011
By: Jane Oliver

"They held hands for another minute or so, and then he rose to fetch more hot chocolate. After he placed the order, he looked over at her and smiled. The rest of the room faded to gray. There was only him, his brilliant blue eyes, and that amazing hair."  p.184

"Riley pulled herself up. The demon laughed again, making her blood freeze. Its offer boomed through her mind again like a cannon- her life or it would kill all of them." p. 313


The world as we know it has changed and demons run rampant in the cities. The only protectors for the humans are the Demon Trappers and to some extent demon hunters employed by the Vatican. Riley is a young demon trapper struggling to prove herself in a male dominated league.

Her challenges intensify with the death of her father and the increasing danger she faces from the demons, who somehow know her name. Added to that, she has to deal with her father's previous hunting partner, Beck, trying to take on the role of a guardian when in fact he isn't much older than her.

She is able to find support in her friends Paul and Simon - but can she survive in the demon trapper world, and discover why the demons are targeting her?


I've found a new a series to obsess over. The author is an amazing writer, adept at writing both descriptively and creating clear and detailed action scenes. Her characters also come across as real and three dimensional despite the fact that their world is so different from ours.

I came to know Riley as a person and not just another heroine. We see her grow and mature as she grapples with her father's death, feelings of loneliness, and of course, demons breathing down her back. Yet, she still comes across as a teenage girl, experiencing normal problems with boys and mean girls.

Beck is an amazing character and for the first time ever, an author is able to portray a Southern accent well. I hope we see more of him and his backstory in the coming books.

Overall, the premise of this book is interesting, the author write amazingly well, and while there isn't much chemistry going on - I cannot wait for the next book.

♥ ♥ ♥ = really liked it